Server List

A collection of Official, Unofficial, and Discord Development communities!


This is the Official Home for the Discord Developers and all their wacky developer thingies.


This is the place to go for the Alpha testing, and bug reporting. Exterminator please!


This is the Family Friendly home for all the Discord events and gatherings all around the world!

Game Night

The funny memey game night server that sometimes spams Brain Power. Home of the Discord Streams!


This is the original Official (Unofficial) home for the Discord Linux client.


This is the Official (Unofficial) Roost for the Discord Api and the Discord coding libraries.


Do you want to be a Discord Partner!? Well apply and join the fam (Plus get some fanciness!


Do you want to be in the Discord Hypesquad!? Well apply and get your hype on!


Developers can now add Discord directly into their games along with powerful community engagement features. Get your developer pants on!

Discord Hub

Hey this is us! The Discord Hub support server!

Club Wumpus

The Wumpity Wump Home of the Wumpus fanbase!

Discord Campfire

The Warm and Friendly place where Discord Partners sit around a campfire and have a little bit of fun with all the wee discord folk.

Translatin' to Pirate

Th' Official Translatin' ship for Pirate speak, arg!


A small support server ran by people who love the Developers server! This is there little support place to help with Discord.


Community focused on modding, themeing and scripting discord and sometimes talking about those too.


A server for listening to music with 24/7 music bots in 13+ different genres!

Discord Bots

The biggest and baddest list for Discord bots around the 7 circles of Discord. Enter at your own risk!

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If you notice a server is missing from this list then please notify Jet#0038 on Discord by Direct Message or on our support server.

Thank you!

The Coding Den

A productive environment for discussing programming, primarily, and problems that arrise during programming, for developers of all skill levels.


A well established general interest programming server, 5k members and growing!

Programmer's Hangout

This is a small community for learning computer science, programming, and discussing technology!

Pocketwatch Games

We're Pocketwatch Games, creators Monaco: What's Yours is Mine and the upcoming Real Time Strategy Game, Tooth and Tail.

Atlas Reactor

The server for the MMO game "Atlas Reactor" by Trion Worlds

Unearned Bounty

Unearned Bounty is an action-packed Free-For-All multiplayer game where you battle to become the most infamous pirate!

Blade Ballet

The server for chaotic fighting game featuring ten robot characters with unique special abilities!


The server for a unique online multiplayer experience featuring high-flying, fast-paced, 16v16 combat called Midair.

SIN Studios

This is a cross-genre 3rd person mmo-lite. It combines multiple elements from MMO, RPG, FPS, and MOBAs into a single cohesive game.

Discord Gophers

This server is for Google Go (Golang) programming/discussion and is home to the Discord Go API library!


A friendly helpful Java programming server, also the Discord4J Java Discord API library server.


The server for the Discord API library, Javacord.

Naamloos' chat

A small gaming/anime community and also the home to the D#+ Discord API library.


The official server for the Discord API library Discord.JS written in node.js

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If you notice a server is missing from this list then please notify Jet#0038 on Discord by Direct Message or on our support server.

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A site dedicated to server stats with a maintained quality multi-purpose bot list.

Discord Servers

The #1 most viewed server advertising site on Discord.

Discord Me

A large server list with custom invite link creation, #1 most used list on Discord.

The Portal

The biggest and fastest growing Server Listing Server on Discord which you can post your own server on.

Discord Server List

The oldest advertising server on Discord which staff post servers.

Discord Server Central

A decently large advertsing server with postings ran by staff.

Discord List me

A bot controlled site for advertising of your server; bumps change server placement.

Discord io

A custom link hosting site for bots/servers to have custom invites.

Discord Sites

A new site/server for advertisement in a new way... custom site pages!

Discord World

One of the newest listing sites, extremely fast growing.

United Server Listings

A newer and smaller server listing server.

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If you notice a server is missing from this list then please notify Jet#0038 on Discord by Direct Message or on our support server.

Thank you!