FAQ and Glossary

This is the page dedicated to our terms and questions list for users to be able to reference!

What is Discord?

Discord is an up-and-coming chat app for gamers of all ages! (Minus people under 13 u.u)

How do you create a server?

You create a server by clicking the + icon at the bottom of your server list, check the Desktop or Mobile guides for more information!

How to log out of Discord?

Go to your User Settings and look at the bottom of the settings tabs, click the log out button!

How do I get people for my server?

Probably by advertising, you can check out the "Lists" category of our Server List for places to go.

What's against the rules of Discord?

Not that much, but you can find out what specifically at Discord's Guidelines.

How do I get a moving icon for my account?

You need Discord Nitro, check your user settings "Discord Nitro" tab to get it! It will cost you 5$ a month, or 50$ a year. (Wow, 2 months free!)

How do I add bots to my server?

You'll need to find a bot link to add one; lists of these include Carbonitex and Discord Bots.

How do I do the bold and italics thing?

To bold just put a ** on each side of a word like **this**, and to italicize just use * around a word like *this.*

How do I verify my account?

You'll need to either enter an email in your "Account" user settings and then click the confirmation email, or find it in the inbox of the email you made your account with.

Why can't people hear me in Voice Chat?

Does the box above your name at the bottom say connected? How about is the mute icon clicked? If you aren't connected or are muted people can't hear you, if they are then you should be good unless you broke your mic! Pro Tip: Discord does not come with a built in mic.

Is there an official Discord server?

Yes, we have all the official servers listed on the home page; Discord Developers is the main official server.

Terms Definitions
2FA Two Factor Authentication; A security mode that requires phone codes from an app for potentially risky behavior.
Action A trigger of the API. (Ban, Kick, Delete Message, Change of Avatar)
Afk Channel The channel you set for inactive voice chat users.
API Application program interface; the code powering this whole app. (And bots)
Apps The actual prescence/identity behind bots and their site integrations.
Audit Logs A built-in mod/action log that tracks what users do what actions on a server.
Avatar The term for a user or bots profile picture. (Icon is usually reserved for servers)
B1nzy A loud and noitceable Discord staff who likes to troll; A community meme. (Cat)
Badges These are circular icons that are found on a users profile designating them as a Discord Staff, Discord Partner, Hypesquad Member, or Nitro Subscriber.
Block To remove a users ability to contact or interact with you.
Blog Discord's place on the site to shoutout updates, announcements, and community news.
Bots These are apps that users interact with in-chat across Discord. (Mee6, Dyno, Erisbot)
Browser Build This is the stock run of the mill Discord you log into via your Browser. (Shocking, ik)
BTTV Better Twitch TV, this is an emote giving service which allows large or active streamers to get global emotes on Twitch and Discord!
Calls This is when you do a Voice Call; these are in Direct Messages or Group Chats.
Canary Build This is the spanking fresh Alpha build that shows you all the groovy new features.
Client This is the person you.. just kidding. this is what the downloaded version of Discord is called!
Clyde The supreme #0000 robot on Discord; also known as Discord's user response system.
Connections These are when you use the API to hook other services to your account; Such as twitter, reddit, and League of Legends.
Crowdin This would be the translation platform Discord Guide and Discord use to translate!
Dark Theme A nice mellow gray theme that most Discord users use.
Default Channel The original channel when you make a server; also has the same ID as the server. (#general)
Developer Mode A setting in Discord that allows you to grab the IDs of objects in the UI. (Channels, Servers, Users, Messages)
Direct Message A private conversation between you and another person.
Discord Developer The commonly used term for official Discord Staff.
Discriminator The magical 4 numbers that follow your username in Discord. Mine is: Jet#0038
Embed What shows up when you post a link or a video; also used by bots to post information with a nicer look.
Emoji The collection of images people use to express emotion or feeling; We're all robots apparently.
Endpoint Weblink that does the things in Discord.
Explicit Filter Discords built in anti-NSFW filter users can enable or disable based on server and DM.
Feedback Telling people what you think of something; Discord has a site page for this!
Friendlist The charter filled with all your companions. It's just a list, what else can I say?
Friends Your companions; Creatures like the Wumpus and I don't have these.
Games Fun things you play and also the name of the user settings module where you can show off your current game! Or be a weirdo and set it to your status.
Gamebridge A beta program for integrating Discord into your games! PC only right now.
Gamenight The term for Discords free-for-all night where everyone loses their marbles. Cleaning up the marbles the next day is hard.
Global Emoji This is like emoji but they travel all around the globe, pretty cool job. There's a few ways to get these; Like BTTV, and apparently Discord is adding some sort of integration? Idk.
Group Chat A DM... but with up to 10 people, not just the boring 1.
Guidelines Discord's fancy rules and requirements or whatever.
Guild The fancy technical term for a Discord Server; the term server is overused.
Hypesquad The hyper than hype hyped up hypemongers who Discord gives a fancy badge or smth.
Integrations Doing the combining thingy. This is usually refering to integrating your twitch or youtube gaming account with your server, which is pretty much just for Twitch partners.
Invite Link The link a user can generate, if given permissions, to invite people to a server.
Library A API wrapper that... okay to dumb this down. A user made way of making it easier for you to use the API to make bots.
Light Theme A rarely used color scheme for discord that honestly hurts the eyes in most cases.
Member List The list of people in a Server shown on the side. (Warning, after 100 members the offline list vanishes!)
Mentions When you @ a user to get their attention; @Jet#0038
Nitro Discord Nitro; a way to have a gif avatar, 50mb upload (instead of 8mb), and global emotes. This costs you 5$ a month, or 50$ a year.
NotDiscord A meme copy of Discord that doesn't actually exist. #NotDiscord
Notes The slot on a users profile where you can leave notes saying whatever you want and they won't know unless you tell them!
0auth link The link to invite a bot or connect an application.
Offline List The thing that vanishes at 100 members; we consider this a myth and only small servers can see it.
Overlay Discord... In-game! It just covers your game for a few seconds so you can check those messages that are burning a hole in your pocket.
Owner The person who controls a server, kinda like a god but not as cool.
Partnership In relation to Discord this means you were cool enough to get VIP perks and the right to call yourself cool!
Permission Override This is when one permission allows and one denies; the allow overrides the denies. The only exception is if you manually deny them or the accept is on the @everyone role for a channel permission.
Permissions The things that allow/deny people to do things.
Pins Those messages you want to save so badly you hit the pin button so everyone can see them in the pin menu.
Privacy Settings You freaking hermits, this is how you allow or deny people talking to you and the safety you have on Discord.
Profile This is where you can see everything about a user; like what servers they share with you, friends they share, or connections they want publicly shown to others.
PTB Build The beta, which is like Canary but less cool.
Public Build The normal, which isn't at all like Canary but is cooler than PTB.
Quick Switcher The newer fancy thing to look through channels and users in all your servers: Probably still a WIP.
Ratelimits The limits on how fast or often you can do things to limit issues processing for Discord. Ex. 5 messages a second.
Reactions How you respond to things? Yeah, these are just emojis in small boxes because normal emojis are too big or something.
Report A newer feature on Discord where you can tell on the bad people. This isn't a global thing, yet.
Roles Our social statuses. :feelsbadman: These are titles and colors given by the server owner at their discretion.
Search Because some of us forget what we said yesterday, or May 24th 2015, or some other random time.
Selfbot A bot running on a users account that only responds to them and is used for constructive appropriate purposes.
Server The user term for a Guild aka the group chats owned by Owners and ran by users..
Server Cap These are a set of online member limits. They help make sure your server doesn't go all "This server is unavaliable."
Snowflake The object IDs on Discord.
Softsoap One of discord's sponsors and a very funny joke because... probably the name.
Soon™ A joke about how soon features will come out because Discord doesn't set deadlines.
Splash Screen A custom image for the invite link page for VIP servers (like partners).
Status Your "Online, Away, Do Not Disturb, Invisible, Offline" collection of colors you can make the dot by your name.
Streamer Mode This is an extra Status that makes the dot purple and broadcasts what you're streaming to every user who can see if, if they look at you.
Streamkit Bots n' stuff.
Tag This has two uses: As another word for mentions, or a term for your full username and discriminator (Jet#0038)
Text Channel The part of a server where you type to people.
TOS The terms of service for Discord.
User ID The number that is your accounts referall number. This number is unique to you.
Userbot A bot that runs on a users account and replies to others messages or does malicious tasks.
Vanity URL A VIP perk for Discord partners and VIPs. This allows you to have a custom Discord invite. Like... https://discord.gg/guide
Verification Level The safety level for your server. You can use this to decide at what level people can send messages if they don't have a role.
Voice Channel This is the part of a server where you vocally talk to people.
Webhook A non-bot application setup on a specific channel to send messages.
Widget A tool for pulling stats from your server or showing your server in a compact box for viewing on a sitepage.
WIP Work in progress
Wumpus Discord's unofficial real mascot and beloved friend of noone.
If you have any questions, please drop by the server!